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Anna’s Journey – Travel Log – Part 2 Answering Questions

Anna’s Journey – Travel Log – Part 2 Answering Questions

As I outlined some ideas for this blogging effort, I had some titles that didn’t match. I had some topics that jumped a bit from one place to another. Then, I posted “Part 1.” Surprisingly, I had not planned a post that would follow by answering questions from the readers. However, I try to be flexible when it comes to my writing so here goes with the alternate Part 2 to let the readers know I saw their messages they sent through my website. WOW!

Question #1: Who’s going with you?
The most frequent question I get when talking about my goal to accomplish a 30-day, US Rail Pass, train trip around the USA is who is going with me. The simple answer is “No One!” Unfortunately, I don’t have a spouse or significant other. I also do not have a family member or friend who has the luxury of taking thirty days for a trip for no special reason… not for medical care… not for a family emergency… not for a funeral… and not for any work related reason. So, yes folks, I will be traveling alone with a train full of people I do not know.

Now, I must admit that – at least a little – that is scary. However, on the other hand, it is awesome. There will be no one else that I will need to entertain while sitting for a couple days at a time on the train… no one to interrupt what I want to do when I want to do it. For some of my family and friends, they would say “trapped on the train.” For me, this will give me time to watch the scenery, take some pictures, do some reading, and do a ton of writing. To me, this sounds like an ideal situation.

Question #2 – Have you ever done this before?
Oh how I love the way people think! No, I’ve never taken a thirty day trip. I’ve never had the opportunity or the luxury of leaving home for thirty straight days. I can recall when it was nearly impossible to take a two-week vacation… to plan all the little details like food and clothing, directions and gasoline stops along with a host of other things that could deep-six a vacation trip. For that matter, there were times when a four-day-weekend trip could be very complicated when there might be a small child or a pet involved. So, while I’ve never taken a 30-day trip, I have taken lots of trips that required lots of planning.

Now, I also have to be honest! In October 2016, I flew to California; crossed paths face-to-face with an internet friend and her husband for the very first time; then drove nearly three hours south to Monterey, CA to attend a cancer conference as their keynote speaker. However, following that conference, more excitement was had when I hopped a train for my return home. That two-week train travel included a side-trip to New Orleans for a mini-reunion with some old friends from my working-days! Those two weeks on the train reignited my love of traveling by train, seeing parts of the USA that I had not seen before like the awesome scenic wonders of Wyoming.

I did a ton of planning for that short trip last year. Perhaps that will help you to understand the mammoth experience I am having this year planning this trip that will be twice as long and ten-times more complicated.

Question #3 – Why are you taking this trip?
There are several different reasons why I decided to take this trip. I mentioned in Part 1 that I truly wanted to have the opportunity in this life to see all 50 states within the USA, especially Alaska (where my parents and brothers went twice!) and Hawaii (where my brother was stationed at Pearl Harbor for seven years). I doubt that I will get to Alaska, but then one never knows! I feel certain that Pearl Harbor is definitely not in the cards for a visit, but I will continue to live virtually with friends sharing their experiences in that tropical paradise.

But beyond the ‘want to just see the country,’ I have a real love of fall colors. I’ve been to New England once about thirty years ago. The colorful scenery was magnificent. In 2015, when things looked rather dire for my survival, my granddaughter and her husband took me on an awesome trip to Shenandoah National Park. The fall colors were at their peak and we had an awesome time. Now, with this opportunity of being able to see what fall looks like in the south, on the west coast, all across the northern territories, and of course all around the Mid-Atlantic States with Mother Nature’s colorful array in full bloom, it will feed my love of fall colors.

And still there is another reason. As an author of three other books that chronicle my life, I want to write yet another “Anna’s Journey” book. This new book will be about the actual journey and what it is like traveling with a deadly diagnosis, chronic illness, and a bit about all the planning and effort such an adventure requires. Hopefully the book will also encourage and inspire others not to die before they are dead!

Yes, there is still another reason for the trip too. I also write the “Mitzy, the Butterfly Series” and a “Francine, the Butterfly Series” of books for young children. (More on those another time!).

Please let me know if you have more questions about the why, where and what of this 30-day, US-Rail-Pass, train trip that this senior citizen with cancer is striving to accomplish.

PS: I do have a page to help insure I accomplish this goal without selling my soul to the devil! Thanks for any support you care to provide. Or, feel free to buy one or more of my books from Amazon. Thanks again to all who visited my website ( Hugs…

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Anna Renault

Anna Renault is a daughter, sister, mother and grandmother. She is also an author, speaker, radio show host, and newspaper journalist. Anna spends a great deal of time advocating for patients to have a smooth journey through illness. Anna has lots of experience from her previous 8 bouts of cancer and a host of other medical conditions... HELLO, I am Anna Renault, a patient thriving with Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC). I'm about to embark on a once-in-a-lifetime journey to see the beauty God has given us in the USA. I invite you to follow along, to support my efforts to show living well is a daily effort but possible with the help of community. THANK YOU.

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