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Anna’s Journey – Travel Log – Part 3

Anna’s Journey – Travel Log – Part 3

Please let me know if you have more questions about the why, where and what of this 30-day, US Rail Pass, train trip that this senior citizen with cancer is striving to accomplish. I tried to answer all the questions in ‘Part II’ that I received from the readers who looked up my website: . Thanks. I was glad to hear from so many kind folks.

As September 1 popped up on my calendar, I truly felt like my planning days were running out. Fortunately I still have a few more weeks to look at all the dates and times I get on the train, get off the train, get a taxi or Uber, check in and out of motels, and do all the fun things I hope to do as I enjoy seeing the country.

Yes, I am both excited to go and scared that things won’t go well. I’ve been told I am brave by some folks and crazy by others. I’ll take both since I think I need to be both in order to think of doing this, jumping in with both feet and doing this while praying that the Lord carries me through all of it. I also admit that with all the weather crises that have been hitting the country – hurricane, tornadoes, floods, fires and so on, I’ve also been praying for good weather throughout my trip. I pray I don’t come face-to-face with anything even close to Hurricane Harvey, but also that the train doesn’t run into huge forest fires in the northwest or snow in the far north. I do know that it will be what it will be. I hope I’m ready for it.

In checking the temperature histories of my stop in Texas, I’ll be expecting 85*F. On the flip side, however, the temps in Montana and North Dakota average about 60*F or lower during that same period of time. WOW~! How many clothes do I take!? Winter and summer in the same trip! Yikes! This is an added stumbling block in my efforts to pack as little as possible.

One of the last things on my check-off list was preparing my medications. Yes, as a patient on chemotherapy, that involves a couple of pills. Add to that my heart condition and I must add another four pills each day. With a couple other medical problems, I add a few more prescriptions and I begin to feel like I’m a walking pharmacy. However, I know from past experience that trying to cut down or skip this pill or that medication results in my body doing really weird, strange and deadly things. So, to insure I don’t run into that problem, I’ve discussed all my medications with my primary care and then also with the pharmacist. I even asked about which pills can be packed in one bottle instead of two. Whew! I think I have all that sorted out and ready to go.

As I mark off the days to “D-Day” (a.k.a. Departure Day), I get a little more excited. I’ve been looking over the itinerary until it is burned into my brain – times, train names, accommodations, etc. I’ve tried walking myself through each day’s activities to see if there is any possibility that I have forgotten something. I put my foot down and said that I will stop doing that daily walk-through as of Saturday, September 9, unless I find that I keep finding things I’ve forgotten or overlooked. For sure I need everyone to pray for me as I embark on this huge-bucket list item that perhaps should have been ignored. Time will tell!

Thanks for continuing to follow this Travel Log as I begin one of my last big planning tasks… trying on clothes to insure what fits and what I plan to wear where!

PS: Anna Renault does have a page to help insure I accomplish this goal without selling my soul to the devil! Thanks for any support you care to provide. Or, feel free to buy one or more of my books from Amazon. Thanks again to all who visited my website ( Hugs…

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Anna Renault

Anna Renault is a daughter, sister, mother and grandmother. She is also an author, speaker, radio show host, and newspaper journalist. Anna spends a great deal of time advocating for patients to have a smooth journey through illness. Anna has lots of experience from her previous 8 bouts of cancer and a host of other medical conditions... HELLO, I am Anna Renault, a patient thriving with Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC). I'm about to embark on a once-in-a-lifetime journey to see the beauty God has given us in the USA. I invite you to follow along, to support my efforts to show living well is a daily effort but possible with the help of community. THANK YOU.

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