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A word about Reality TV

In my opinion, stay away from it. I find it toxic,distracting,and a waste of time. While some  may find it entertaining, I believe you can utilize your time with things that are going to benefit your mind and your life. One thing you want to...

Fuel for your body

Think of your body like a car. You need to feed your vehicle gasoline in order for the engine to run but to get it to operate efficiently , you need to give it the right gas and oil to keep that motor running.It's no...

Prayer is powerful

Never be afraid to ask the Lord what you want. He will deliver as long as you also put that additional effort into making things happen. Have an amazing Sunday! #Santana Rodriguez #wellness 101 #Spirituality #Love #life #live...

Hello, I’m Santana!

Introducing myself, hello everyone, my name is Santana and I've been in the world of fitness for years. I'm now a contributor to this blog and my mission is to help all of you achieve your goals. Please check in daily to see the latest...