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I Am

IS SOMETHING OUT OF YOUR CONTROL? If you are facing challenges that you feel you cannot control, you probably feel down when you think about them. This is the time to use your ability to shift your focus at will, and turn it to the...

Daily sugary drink may lead to dangerous soda gut

by Shara Rutberg, New Hope Media We can add another risk to the negative impacts sugary drinks have on our health: visceral fat. Let’s call it “soda gut,” and tag it on along with the increased risk of osteoporosis, diabetes, asthma, tooth decay and obesity that...

How to Get Your Healthy Products Into Thrive Market

By Rachel Cernansky, New Hope Network For natural brands looking to reach a core clientele, Thrive Market has proven a hot place to be. At just a year and a half old, Thrive has more than 300,000 paid members, is adding about 10,000 a week, and has sales...