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Message from the universe

Are you aware that ,The universe is  sending you messages and signals in different ways ? People are coming into your world for a reason, some of them, come to inspire you to think and do things differently . It may shake your world for...


— Inspiration for the World
Back to life!

  BACK TO LIFE!This is Nava . Your Guide to ILLUMINATE YOUR HEALTH AND BEAUTY. Have you ever thought what happened to people when they age? They become stuffed with medication that leads them to be a walking dead , untouched from reality . They can not...

Why is it so hard to accept ourselves for who we are?

Why is it so hard to accept ourselves as we are? To accept oneself means to like yourself, and see yourself as you are…not wishing you were taller, skinnier, prettier, smarter, etc. When you truly accept yourself, you see that you have many good qualities,...