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More evidence resveratrol may fight Alzheimer’s

Resveratrol may help strengthen the blood brain barrier to defend against molecules that cause inflammation, recent research says. By Shara Rutberg, New Hope Network Resveratrol, a compound found in red wine, dark chocolate and blackberries, appears to boost the brain’s defense against Alzheimer’s, according to new information...

Who controls what we eat?

The author of a new book on consolidation in the food industry explains the pros and cons of increased M&A activity By Rachel Cernansky, New Hope Network Michigan State University community, food and agriculture professor Phil Howard studies and teaches changes and trends in food systems around...

Nuts May Crack Inflammation

Nuts’ healthy powers may lie in their relationship with inflammation, according to new research. By Shara Rutberg, New Hope Network Previous research has suggested that people who eat more nuts are healthier than people who don’t eat nuts. Now researchers may have cracked the mystery around why this...

Home Remedies For Hangovers

By Organic Facts Whether it is a birthday party, a wedding reception, a random Tuesday evening that gets out of hand, or your bi-monthly way of blowing off steam with your friends, nearly everyone has had “one of those nights” where they drank a bit too...

What are superfoods?

By Organic Facts The term ‘superfood’ is used to refer to any food with a high density of beneficial nutrients, proven health benefits, and no or relatively few adverse properties. With the amount of research going on, it seem as if a new superfoods are announced...

Live longer, stay healthier with unsaturated fats

By Shara Rutberg, New Hope Network  A recent long-term study including more than 126,000 subjects clarifies how eating different fats affects mortality. People who replace saturated fat and trans fat with unsaturated fat may increase their chances of living longer, according to a recent study from the Harvard...