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Play The Wellness 101 Game In Timonium MD 12-4-15

The Wellness 101 Health Challenge game is coming to Brick Bodies Padonia in Timonium, Maryland on Friday, December 4. Come on out and experience the most fun you'll ever have learning about wellness. Tickets are free. Check out the video for more info. Register for free...

What Do You Worry About?

What Do You Worry About? Lately, life has been tough for many.  Not just your standard everyday hassles, but big stuff.  Things like spouses or siblings suddenly dying, pet owners losing their pets to unexpected disease, and husbands finding out their wives have months to live...

Affirm the Good

The more you want your life to be easy, the harder it will be.  The more you addicted you are to ease, the more stressful it will be.  The more you long for simple, the more you will be faced with complexities.  The more peace...

What Would You Do If You Only Had One Month to Live?

Have you ever answered the question, “What do I want to fulfill in my life”?  It’s a really deep question, and to answer it takes a knowing of yourself, and some quiet time to be able to dig deep within to find the answer.  More...


Everyone knows that it helps to write about something you know about and have experience with.   It is my hope you benefit from my knowledge turning toward the plant world through essential oils (Young Living) for personal and professional use and care in regard to...

The Hilton Garden Inn Knoxville West — A Wellness 101 2015 Favorite

Introducing The Hilton Garden Inn Knoxville West the newest member of the Wellness 101 Resource Network!!biz/id/562a28284f952ec17c19f464/About Just 15 minutes from downtown Knoxville, TN, the Hilton Garden Inn is conveniently located right off of I-40 in an area where there are plenty of traveler-friendly amenities such as...