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Do you have a bit of dysmorphia?

Do you know what body dysmorphia is? It is a disorder that involves the belief that your own appearance is unusually “defective” and is worthy of being hidden or fixed. I think we all have some forth of dysmorphia, body or otherwise, where we look...

Wanna know what’s draining you? Do a self-audit.

We usually think of audits when it comes to our finances or our taxes. Audits serve the purpose to bring clarity to the area of focus.   Some people even get energy audits of their home to determine where the energy leaks are so they can...

Wellness 101’s Favorite People, Places & Things 2015

A SPECIAL SECTION HIGHLIGHTING OUR FAVORITE WELLNESS PEOPLE, PLACES & THINGS IN THE UNITED STATES IN 2015!  All of the winners are selected by the Hosts and Co-Hosts of Wellness 101.  We'll be adding to this list in the 4th Quarter of 2015 as we...

Are You Open to Receiving?

If you would like to give more, make it a point to receive more. This may sound strange, but in order to be truly balanced, there must be an even exchange of energy in all you do. “Giving” is not better than “receiving” as many...


IT'S SPELLED F-R-O-O-T Be honest, when you saw that photo you salivated just a little didn't you? Don't feel any shame. If you're an average American, you were probably an addict when you were a kid. So your response to that photo will be similar to...

Take a Sneak Peak Behind the Curtain

You haven’t heard from me in a while. If you’ve been wondering, I’ve been working on a new project…. And here’s a sneak peak! In just 10 days I am launching a new series that that is going to change your life so the "song of...