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Why is it so hard to accept ourselves for who we are?

Why is it so hard to accept ourselves as we are? To accept oneself means to like yourself, and see yourself as you are…not wishing you were taller, skinnier, prettier, smarter, etc. When you truly accept yourself, you see that you have many good qualities,...

Who is the author in your life?

Ask yourself this question in regards to your life: “Who is my authority?” It’s a very powerful question to ponder. If you feel out of control, unhappy or “off track” in your life, it’s likely because you have allowed someone else’s opinion to matter more...

Holiday Gift-Giving Ugh

How I extricated myself from holiday gift-giving obligations… Happiness to me means that you do more of what you “want to” do, and less of what you “have to” do.  It’s not always easy to give yourself permission to make a change that feels better...

Why Is Yoga So Important to Me?

Greetings Wellness 101 champions. My name is Jean. I know A.J. and Jane for many years. We've traveled to cancer conferences, spoken and eaten together. Flown together and kept each other's special interests at heart. We're friends. A.J. and Jane knew me three years before...

Following My Vision of Happiness U

When I first had the idea of starting my business (Happiness U) – the majority of the business advisors I talked to said it would be smarter for me to do it online, rather than take such a big financial risk by opening a physical...

Rich O’Brien Introduction

[caption id="attachment_22112" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Rich O'Brien (left) and Fred Gutierrez (right) playing golf at the On-Course Foundation event at Dataw Island CC.[/caption] My name is Rich O'Brien and  and I am a Former Disabled Golfer. I earned that nickname because I no longer have a handicap on or off...