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Jane’s Journey 2015: Iron Girl #4

10 years ago in April, my wife Jane began her battle with breast cancer.  A fight with weaponry like chemotherapy, lumpectomies and radiation would last a year, with post traumatic stress that would last another year or more, turned out to be the proverbial blessing...

Have a Salad! A tasty, organic salad on a hot summer day is one of life's treats.  Not only is a treat, but it's essential to good health.  Do yourself a favor, and instead of giving in to the temptation of finding a fast food joint, take 10...

exercise recovery
Exercise Recovery

Myths and Tips to Exercise Recovery You probably already know that alcohol and drug abuse changes brain chemistry overtime, which affects judgment, memory, emotional states and perception and that these side effects last long after the individual has stopped using the above substances. Although people tend to...