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A Tale of Two Wendy’s

Truth in advertising is somewhat of a blurred line at best.  Fashion companies are notorious for photoshopping models into almost otherworldly perfect beings, without blemish, scar, wrinkle or cellulite. Beer companies NEVER show actors with beer bellies in their ads.  Fast food companies always show...

Read The Directions First

 Read The Directions First La Dolce Vita (A Recipe) For The ‘Sweet Life’ This is what I have learned as a cancer survivor and an Oncologist for over 30 years and as a Full Colonel USAF (ret) and Full Professor at UC Davis---Cancer patients are heroes, plain and...

Male/Female Balance, Really?

"Find the balance between your male and female side." That's been a recent mantra. But is that what we are truly looking for? If you combine two different types of perfume - one that's for men and one that's for women - would the new...

Bay Haven Inn of Cape Charles

ONE OF WELLNESS 101'S FAVORITE PEOPLE, PLACES & THINGS FOR 2015   The Bay Haven Inn of Cape Charles is a historic Bed and Breakfast in a quaint little bayside town where neighbors actually know each other, guests are welcomed like family and the American Dream is...

Yamas: Ahimsa

As I stated in my last blog, I will be writing about the Eight Limbs of Yoga. The first limb is that Yamas. Essentially rules, morals to live by. Ahimsa is the first rule. I don't like saying rule...