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8 Limbs of Yoga

Based on Patanjali's The Yoga Sutra there are eight limbs of yoga. A path leading to enlightenment...

Leg press tips to increase strength

12 tips to improve your leg press technique now and increase your strength dramatically 1. Keep your heels low on the area of the board 2. On a Hammer or Life Fitness leg press, keep your feet straight and parallel to your hips or slightly wider by...

Guilt Babies

I’ve been hearing from a number of people that they are procrastinating and feeling guilty about it. These conversations came after I posted an article called Resistance vs Inspired Inaction. One of my clients guilt was growing because they kept focusing on it. I named this...

Free Mind Blowing Project Accelerator

I’m in a weekly coaching program where I decide on three simple actions to complete each week. That may seem silly to you as it seems it would be easy to complete three simple actions. However I’m always coming up with new cool projects and...

Kosher is more humane

SO YOU EAT MEAT! Ok, you eat meat! Your spiritual friends are looking at you with the lifted eyebrow! Somewhere inside you actually feel guilty. You know that it would probably be better for you if you went vegan or, at the very least vegetarian, but...