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Avocados are good for you!

The many great benefits of avocados Helps build muscles by producing testosterone, the main trigger in muscle growth Avocados help fight inflammation in the body, particularly with arthritis Adding avocados to your salads enhances the absorption of lycopene and beta-carotene, 2 key antioxidants. Avocados promote Heart health Blood sugar regulation Anti-cancer benefits Eye...

QuietKat Provides Best of All Worlds   This is one of the most innovative machines we've seen on a golf course.¬† It provides the best of both worlds in terms of transport, fun and safety. QuietKat is a portable, personal electric golf vehicle. ¬†Whether making your way through the rough, traversing around a...

Maji Sports

The Maji Sports line of amazing yoga mats, exercise mats, blocks, rollers and other high-quality items has been a favorite of ours for many years. They offer items that are essential for golfers to develop and maintain core strength, flexibility and stamina. One of our favorite...

Breathe, Live, Get Out!

Go have some fun outside today! If you are like most people nowadays, you are probably spending most of your time indoor, unless of course your job requires you to be outside in nature, such as a park ranger, a lifeguard, or even a gardener. The great...