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Hello everyone,Santana is back:)

I've been out of the loop for a little bit with the holidays , celebrating a birthday and  all but I'm back. You will find that this will happen from time to time but don't you worry ...

Strength Training or Cardio for Heart Health?

Properly applied, strength training improves cardiovascular health while simultaneously building lean muscle mass Aerobic activities that increase heart rate and make us breathe harder such as walking, biking, and jogging are traditionally recommended for heart health, while strength training is suggested for muscle gain. We are...

VPAR Live Golf Scoring

[embed][/embed] VPAR Live Golf Scoring made the cut as one of Wellness 101's Favorite Things at the 2015 PGA Show! VPAR is the global leader in live golf scoring and the world’s #1 golf app. Our technology is trusted by hundreds of golf clubs and event organizers...

So, how important is it to HYDRATE?

I just returned from the PGA show in Orlando. Weather was beautiful, humid, and my skin felt great. Now, back in NYC with an "HISTORIC" snowfall pending, my skin doesn't feel so great. It's dry, even though I have my @StadlerForm humidifier on at all...

What do you have time for?

This is my yoga space. When I moved into my boyfriend's home I said that I wanted a yoga space that was all mine. And I love it. As you can see, it's not much. There's my yoga mat, an exercise ball, extra yoga mats,...

Golf Skate Caddy — One of Our 101 Favorite Things at the 2015 PGA Show

[embed][/embed] Golf Skate Caddy™ is a unique and innovative personal golf transport device that allows users to "surf" all types of terrain. While GSC™ increases course appeal and speeds up play, it's also gentle on turf and a blast to ride. When it comes to keeping muscles...