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Drive Fit

I spend a lot of time on the road. During the summer and fall of 2014, I drove through all 48 contiguous states and flew to Alaska and Hawaii. It was my wellness 101 50 State Challenge, playing golf in all 50 states and promoting...

The Pete Dye Course at French Lick an ‘Old Soul’

Sometimes you know on the drive in that a golf course is going to be special. This was far more than that. It was otherworldly. By the time I arrived at the bag drop, I had goosebumps. Picture yourself starring in a golf film —...

Bending The Rules In Oregon

When you’re 50, you’re not supposed to go mountain biking. So I did. When you’re 50, you’re not supposed to ride something called a GolfBoard on a golf course. So I did. When you’re 50, you’re not likely to get a glimpse into your future by sitting...

Dentistry Is A Branch of Medicine

A recent article stated that a healthy mouth can help pregnant women: Helps Pregnant Women Carry a Baby to Term Women may experience increased gingivitis during pregnancy. Some research suggests a relationship between gum disease and preterm, low-birth-weight infants. Not all studies have found a solid link, but...

Let’s get grounded

This photo of me was taken after a yoga conference I attended a few years ago. It was one of the best days of my life. I was relaxed, completely at ease, and most of all content. I was in LA near Venice Beach walking...

Apple Cider Vinegar, its not just for Salad Dressing

That bottle of apple cider vinegar in your kitchen cabinet is capable of so much more than adding flavor to a salad. In fact, it may be time to move it to the medicine cabinet. Organic apple cider vinegar is antibacterial, antiviral, antiseptic and antifungal.  ...