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PINE MOUNTAIN, GA (1/9/2015) – Each year Callaway Gardens® hosts a variety of fitness events that are nationally known for both their competitiveness and the beauty of the setting. The 2015 Callaway Gardens Fitness Series includes: Marathon, Half-Marathon and 5K annually takes place in late-January (January 25)....

Day 9 of my Detox… Still going Strong!

It's day 9 of my cleanse/detox and I'm felling great! Loads of energy. So far I have removed 9.2 lbs resulting in a loss of 2% body fat and a gain of almost 1% muscle mass. I have one of these fancy scales that tells...

Try kale chips for a snack

There is no denying that kale chips are way healthier than eating potato chips. Kale is loaded with so much nutritional value and it won't get you fat. Unlike ordinary chips which are loaded with fat and a high dose of sodium which can cause...

Limiting sugar calories

Hey everyone, this is a tip that I'm sure you will all appreciate. I want you to start looking at the labels of everything you eat or drink. Since we are discussing sugar, I want you to pay attention to the carbohydrate amount. Then you...

The start of day 5-My Cleanse/Detox is Going Great!

Today is the start of day five of my 10 day cleanse/detox. I have been following a very specific program. For details on the exact program email me here: Many people think of a cleanse as drinking a gallon of prune juice and strapping your...

Get rid of the old food

I have some homework for all of you. In order to begin your commitment to healthy living , there are things that need to be done. The main one is cleaning out the refrigerator. Get rid of the old , and in with the new....