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Buying fruit

When buying fruit at a grocery store, I recommend buying them the at the frozen fruit section in bags. Now keep in mind, to purchase the right kind, the bag must indicate that it's organic. If not, do not purchase it. It's way better than...

If you’re going on a diet I urge you to quit!

This is Drew Davidsen and I love writing about health topics. Diets are a funny thing. Every year in January millions of people make a New Years resolution to LOOSE WEIGHT! All the local gyms start filling up with people who are determined this will be...

Merry Christmas

To good health,love and happiness, Merry Christmas from all of us at #santanarodriguez#christmas    ...

A gift of health

The holiday season is here. How about giving the gift of good health by providing someone with a fruit basket. Let someone know you care about the way they live. Have a blessed day everyone.   #santanarodriguezfitness#fitnesschampion#livelife#holidaygifts#fruitbasket#healthylife...

Flat tummy, how do you get it?

I wish I could waive a magic wand and give everyone flat abs, but here's the truth: nothing can give you a flat stomach outside of good eating habits. You see a million infomercials, TV commercials promising to give you this without a proper diet....