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Do without the bread

Did you know that every tiime  you consume a slice of bread , you are adding an additional 400 calories to your meal? It is shocking but true. By eliminating the bread, you not only deplete additional carbs, but lesson your calorie count and will not...

Keep your carbs up in the am

The best time to have carbohydrates are in the morning. You want to have good carbs of course which consist of dry pancakes, pasta,muffins,cereal,oatmeal,rice,etc, whatever that choice may be but again healthy carbs. Carbs  give us a good source of energy. However my advice is...

Add fat to your meal

There is good fat and there is bad fat. Many think we need to delete this from our lives to eat healthy. Well it's just the opposite. In order for our bodies to digest well and burn the fat, we need the good fat which...

How often should you eat?

The correct answer is at least 5-6 times a day. By not eating enough, you will ember it's about small portions! #santanaRodriguez#fitnessmodel#diet#health#metabolism#food#healthyliving...