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When should your last meal of the day be?

Your last meal of the day should be 3 hours before you go to bed. Everyone's schedule is always different, so it would be very unfair to indicate a number. Once you start incorporating this simple task, you will see at least a 1-3  pound...

I don’t want any muscles!

"I don't want any muscles, I want to be lean like a ballet dancer!" When speaking about strength training, this is the one most common arguments we hear; on average, 95%  of the women we consult with say that.  So just for the record, women do...

Walking burns calories

Did you know that for every 20 minutes that you walk, you burn an average of 100 calories ? Can you imagine doing this everyday? One simple change like a walk to work (if you are nearby) or a walk to your local store can change...

A word about Reality TV

In my opinion, stay away from it. I find it toxic,distracting,and a waste of time. While some  may find it entertaining, I believe you can utilize your time with things that are going to benefit your mind and your life. One thing you want to...