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Give Me My Sugar!

Have you ever tried to stop eating sugar for a day?  Did you think of sugar all day long? Do you crave sugary foods even when you are not hungry? I hear you and understand exactly where you are.  We are not alone...

What Channel Are You Tuning Into?

WHAT CHANNEL ARE YOU TUNING INTO?  If you are feeling anxious about something, and can’t stop imagining a negative outcome, it’s because you are tuning into the channel of the fearful inner voice that delights in being heard.  Remember, this voice loves to distort reality...

Your Vibe is Your Tribe

THE PEOPLE YOU HANG AROUND WITH: We want positive, but sometimes we attract negative, in order to learn lessons. Do you need to shift your energy or make different choices? The following points are good to keep in mind: You are not responsible for another...

The Difference Between Religion & Spirituality

What is spirituality? How is it different from religion?  What’s the difference between the two?  Many people I talk to don’t know how to explain that they are “spiritual” and not “religious.” I’ve noticed that people generally seem to look at religion as limiting and repressive...

Letting Go 101

All week it seems I have been asked the question at every turn, “How do I know when it is time to let go?” It could be in regards to a friend, intimate relationship, a job, a commitment to an organization, your family, or even...