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Low B12 may be linked to autism, dementia, schizophrenia

Brain levels may reveal more than blood levels By Shara Rutberg, New Hope Network What do the brains of people with dementia, autism and schizophrenia have in common? Low levels of vitamin B12, according to a recent study, the first to compare levels of the vitamin in brains...


[embed][/embed] I met with a friend on Saturday — the day before several police officers were shot in Baton Rouge.  He and I talked for nearly 3 hours, mostly about race relations and the widening gap between peace officers and the communities in which they serve. ...

Are You Stressing and Fearing the Worst?

STRESSING AND FEARING THE WORST? From the most painful and unfair, to the most challenging and heart-wrenching – all difficult and complex situations that come up, make it easy for us to feel fearful and out of control.  When we are in tough situations, it...

Americans are buying more organic produce than ever

By the Organic Trade Association Americans are gobbling up more organic fruits and vegetables than ever before, from organic blueberries and organic apples to organic packaged greens and cut-up organic vegetables ready for their children's lunch box or their family's dinner plate. Over half of all households...

Fiber early could fight cancer later

By Shara Rutberg, New Hope Network If you’re a woman, researchers have found another reason why you should have listened to your parents as a kid and eaten your vegetables—especially the spinach and other fiber-packed veggies. Eating lots of fiber during adolescence and young adulthood has...

It’s Time To Choose Love

On Sunday, July 10th, there was a gathering in Santa Monica to share ideas about what loves means in a community.  Here’s the short video: [embed][/embed] IT’S TIME TO CHOOSE LOVE It’s time to make a choice, America, about whether we are going to let our lives be...