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Burger Lounge — Hip and Healthy

*** One of Wellness 101's Favorite Places to Eat in 2016 *** One of our goals at Wellness 101 is to find better-for-you options for things that are popular but sometimes unhealthy. Hamburgers, french fries, onion rings and sodas usually fall into the "bad or very...

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IT'S SPELLED F-R-O-O-T Be honest, when you saw that photo you salivated just a little didn't you? Don't feel any shame. If you're an average American, you were probably an addict when you were a kid. So your response to that photo will be similar to...

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Have a Salad! A tasty, organic salad on a hot summer day is one of life's treats.  Not only is a treat, but it's essential to good health.  Do yourself a favor, and instead of giving in to the temptation of finding a fast food joint, take 10...

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Maybe Tomorrow?

I know I have done this before, have you?  I am going to start eating healthy tomorrow and so today I am going to eat whatever I like.  Then tomorrow comes.  Oops, what happened to starting to eat healthy?  I know, I know...

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AVOCADOS MAY HOLD ANSWER TO BEATING LEUKEMIA OK OK OK HOLD ON THERE Obviously this is an attention getter headline and I did NOT write it  as there are zero- no-not one clinical trial of a magic lipid in avocados which has been proven to have  a meaningful...

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Give Me My Sugar!

Have you ever tried to stop eating sugar for a day?  Did you think of sugar all day long? Do you crave sugary foods even when you are not hungry? I hear you and understand exactly where you are.  We are not alone...

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