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Embrace The Carrot!

You know the carrot on a stick thing? Today I had a big ah-ha about that. The stick is not real. It simply represents my limiting beliefs. When I focus my attention on embracing the carrot the stick disappears. For good measure I ate a...

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Read The Directions First

 Read The Directions First La Dolce Vita (A Recipe) For The ‘Sweet Life’ This is what I have learned as a cancer survivor and an Oncologist for over 30 years and as a Full Colonel USAF (ret) and Full Professor at UC Davis---Cancer patients are heroes, plain and...

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12 TIPS TO RELAX AND REDUCE STRESS FOR TEENS & ADULTS         Assess your life stress from 1-10 with 10 the highest. Emotional (home, relations) & work/school To help reduce the number, use the power of breathing in for 3, hold for 5, and out for 8 Praying helps...

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