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Strategies to Minimize Energy-Draining People in Your Life

EMFs usually relate to “electromagnetic fields,” generated by electronics. Let me talk about another type of “EMF”—“Energy-draining, Mana-sucking Friends.” For those of you unfamiliar with the word “mana,” it is Hawaiian for “power” or “life force.” Do you have any of those? These are the people...

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When is it okay to quit?

When is quitting the right thing to do? Or do we just hunker down and persevere through the challenge? We were raised on phrases like “quitting is for losers” or “give it your all” (and if you feel like giving up on something, you are...

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Say Goodbye to Guilt

If you are watching television, do you feel guilty that you are not folding the laundry? And if you are folding the laundry, do you feel guilty for not taking the dogs out for a walk? And if you are taking the dogs out for...

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