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The power of life is in your DNA.

The human intelligence , ego and pride can not except that there is something far beyond there understanding….scientist are spending so much time and energy to research whats already known and written in the bible for so many years. Many people , that consider themselves intellectual...

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Burger Lounge — Hip and Healthy

*** One of Wellness 101's Favorite Places to Eat in 2016 *** One of our goals at Wellness 101 is to find better-for-you options for things that are popular but sometimes unhealthy. Hamburgers, french fries, onion rings and sodas usually fall into the "bad or very...

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Free Yourself From Fear

It’s interesting how the theme of what my clients go through come in waves of the same life focus.  For the past few weeks I have worked with more than a dozen people who have all said to me that they want to live a...

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