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Join the Ultimate Network for Connecting Wellness Resources to Consumers


The Wellness 101 Resource Network is a wellness-lifestyle marketing collective.  If you’re a wellness professional, or marketing a healthy restaurant, health products store, B&B/resort/hotel, fitness/recreation business, or other company that contributes to wellness, you’ll need to be listed here. This new resource is designed to connect consumers with the wellness resources that are available to them in their community.


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There are millions of Wellness Professionals, Programs and Products.  How do you get your message heard apart from the herd?  Become part of the Wellness 101 media family!  Our tools to help you grow include national and local media, membership and event opportunities.


Select companies can become part of the Wellness 101 Resource Network for only $600 a year.  The Resource Network was launched to give you an edge — it’s like the Angie’s List for wellness.  Our followers and fans nationwide are looking to us for ways to improve their life and the Resource Network will give them direct access to what they need.


Benefits to joining the Wellness 101 Resource Network include:

1.  A 2-minute social media video including an on-camera endorsement by a Wellness 101 Host or Co-Host ($600 value).  The video can be shot at your place of business if you’re located in the Greater L.A. area or on our set if you’re not.  Includes up to two hours of prep, shooting and editing time, and on-camera participation by a Wellness 101 Host or Co-Host.  You can also feature customers giving testimonials in the video for added impact.  Here are links to a few of the social media videos we’ve produced:

* Wellness 101 promo –

* Cat Quiz –

* Commit to Get Fit with Xavier Ferrara –

* Bands & Body with Dustin Conrad –

* Daily Turmeric by Mega Food –

* Talking Carrots & Endive with Mike Kresky at the Malibu Farmer’s Market –

2.  A comprehensive listing in the Resource Network that you control and can update anytime — 365 days a year.  

3.  Ability to post blogs as often as you like to our loyal audience at  Experts who blog get more business!

4.  Invites to speak at Wellness 101 events.

5.  A credit on event tables/sponsorships equal to the amount you paid to join the Resource Network.    

6.  B2B referrals and introductions that can help strengthen your network.

7.  Have your messages amplified through our extensive social media network.

8.  Product Placement as contestant prize and host endorsement of brand in 5 episodes of our Wellness 101 Web-TV series. 

9. BONUS FOR BUSINESSES IN L.A.’S WESTSIDE:  Inclusion in Wellness 101’s Westside Rewards Program.  Your business is listed in a special Rewards section of our website exclusively for members of our Rewards program who live, work or play in the Santa Monica area.  Participating businesses must offer a discount of at least 10% and you can change your offer as often as you like.   


Join us and stand out.  Wellness 101 is the wellness-lifestyle marketing collective created to help your business grow.


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