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Relationships Can Be Challenging

GO AWAY…NO, COME HERE: In our closest relationships, it’s natural for our emotions to fluctuate between two extremes – at times wanting this person close and at times wanting them to stay far away. With this person, you will naturally swing between needing their affection...

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Your Vibe is Your Tribe

THE PEOPLE YOU HANG AROUND WITH: We want positive, but sometimes we attract negative, in order to learn lessons. Do you need to shift your energy or make different choices? The following points are good to keep in mind: You are not responsible for another...

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Strategies to Minimize Energy-Draining People in Your Life

EMFs usually relate to “electromagnetic fields,” generated by electronics. Let me talk about another type of “EMF”—“Energy-draining, Mana-sucking Friends.” For those of you unfamiliar with the word “mana,” it is Hawaiian for “power” or “life force.” Do you have any of those? These are the people...

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