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Dentistry Is A Branch of Medicine

Dentistry Is A Branch of Medicine

A recent article stated that a healthy mouth can help pregnant women:

Helps Pregnant Women Carry a Baby to Term

Women may experience increased gingivitis during pregnancy. Some research suggests a relationship between gum disease and preterm, low-birth-weight infants.

Not all studies have found a solid link, but maintaining good oral health is still the best goal. If you’re pregnant, visit your dentist or periodontist as part of your prenatal care. Consider it good practice for the role modeling that lies ahead for all new parents.

Well, here is my story:

I am Dr. Denise Glasper and I am a Comprehensive Dentist. As a doctor I understand that your oral health is about so much more than just teeth. I learned this lesson very early in my career. I learned it the hard way.  My mother was 62 years old when  I diagnosed her with Advanced Gum Disease. Her gums were inflamed and bleeding. Her teeth were loose. Her gums were receded. I was so hurt that my mother who has supported all my efforts, has been my greatest cheerleader and always taken care of my every need, has needed me. My mother lived in Chicago and she had a regular dentist for over 12 years. But he never informed my mother that she had this disease. Once I made the diagnosis I had no choice. I had to extract all my moms upper teeth and most of your lower teeth. My mother is such a practical and strong woman that she took the diagnosis in stride. She stated ” I trust you, do whatever you need to do.”

The findings above implies that there is an uncertain link between severe gum disease and premature delivery and delivery of low birth weight babies. I saw it first hand; up close. By the time my mother was diagnosed and treated for her Advanced Gum Disease, which I now know she had for probably 30 years of more; she had already had two premature deliveries and two low birth weight babies. My brother was born weighing about 2lbs and has some slight learning  disabilities, and my sister died nine days after she was born.

I do not need anyone to confirm a solid link about the connection between poor oral health and other serious health problems. I see it in my practice every day and unfortunately, this is just one of several experiences and losses my family has suffered because of  the  lack of understanding about the importance of oral health.

I plan to change that!

Dr. Denise

Denise Glasper

Dr. Hazel Glasper, owner founder of Revive Dental, and leader of the “Teach Me Dental” movement, is redefining the way people understand and treat their dental health. A fierce advocate for the practice of comprehensive dentistry, Dr. Glasper believes that too often patients approach the care of their mouths separate from the care of rest of their bodies. For over 20 years, Dr. Glasper has been empowering her patients to advocate for their health through her comprehensive and “wholistic” approach to dentistry. Her philosophy of treating the whole patient, coupled with her open communication and complete patient education, has transformed her patients and audiences into savvy, informed, health-conscious decision makers.

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