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Hello from Dr. Fitness USA and Batista Gremaud

Dr. Fitness USA and BatistaHello friends,

Let us introduce ourselves. We are Stephen Hercy aka Dr. Fitness USA and Batista Gremaud. Stephen is the father of Body Designing and the creator of the Body Design Formula Strength Training System, and I am the wings under his feet. Compiled with the experiences of my life’s journey, I translate and deliver Stephen’s unique knowledge into books, blogs, systems and speaking engagements.

Briefly, this is my story. I was a professional entertainer, (and according to Stephen the best flamenco dancer in the world) with a successful career spanning over 45 years. Six years ago, life started to get the best of me. Call it hormone changes, stress, overworking or just life, but basically my body was changing, and not for the better. I was in trouble.

That was the time when I met Stephen Hercy, aka Dr. Fitness USA. Through his specifically designed and constructed strength training system, I recovered from all my injuries, regained at least 15 years of my life and found a new passion: The Body Design Formula Strength Training System and embarked in an exciting life transforming journey.

I am a 7th degree Body Design Master Teacher, a strength training advocate, an Amazon published author, and, in collaboration with Dr. Fitness USA, a Speaker on addiction recovery and stress control behavior. My other passion is the continuing studies of metaphysical sciences, ancient scriptures and meditation.

You can read more about our story and the distinctive philosophy behind the exceptional Body Design Formula strength training system Stephen developed and perfected over the last forty five years, in our latest book: “How to lose weight and look good with strength training”.

We are passionate about helping people unveiling their true self and attaining their ultimate potential from the inside out, and are looking forward to share this journey with you.

To your strength

Dr. Fitness USA and Batista

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Dr. Fitness USA

I am Stephen Hercy, aka Dr. Fitness USA. My passion is to assist men and women of all ages attain the body they always dreamed of having, but don’t know they can achieve it. The Body Design Formula strength training system I created and perfected over the last 45 years quiets the mind, strengthens the nervous system and increases your strength by 20% to 50% in 20 minutes; it rebuilds bone density mass, corrects postural alignment and regains 15 years of your youth, GUARANTEED

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