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real knowledge is key

real knowledge is key

What is consciousness and how does it relate to the body?


Let us explore first what is consciousness.  Consciousness is a quality of the minute individual spirit soul.  The spirit soul with its own unique personality is full of eternality, consciousness and bliss. The eternal conscious, soul, gives life to the body.  In the bhagavad gita it is stated,” as the embodied soul continually passes from boyhood to youth to old age, similarly the soul accepts a new material body at death, the self-realized soul is not bewildered by such a change.”  The individual spirit soul is a feeling, thinking, willing entity and its only function is to be an eternal servant to the higher creator, in other words the soul is built to serve.  We can see this all around us, we serve our pets, children, wife, husband and community. We serve this and that all day long.  This is the dharma of the soul, service, compassion to all living entities moving and non-moving. The only change needed is to first serve the higher entity. The one who has given us breathe, who has given us the ability to love all creatures and through him we serve the parts and parcels of the higher being.

“Man is not an animal meant to wander the jungles mountains and earth, a real man lives in their consciousness and that consciousness is always aware of the higher entity.” Srila Sridhar maharaja.

By nature, the soul equipped with consciousness, is a pure loving machine, in fact its make up is nothing but love.  The induvial consciousness is simultaneously one and different with the supreme consciousness, being a fragmented spark of the whole, which is always full and whole.  And the closer the spark stays to the fire the more illuminated it is. In the bhagavad gita it is stated, “one who takes pleasure in the self, who is illumined in the self. Who rejoices and is happy within the self, being fully satiated, for him there is no duty,” no duty simply means you become a light for others, a compassionate, loving person, shining in a material world, illuminating the way for the wandering lost souls.

The body is a vehicle to realize all these wonderful truths.  The body enables the soul to perform pastimes here according to its desires.  The body is a material machine made of earth, water, air, fire and ether. This is true of all material bodies. human, animal and plants same make-up, only difference is in the consciousness and how much it is covered by illusion, the thoughts of I and mine, thinking I am lord and all I see is mine to personally enjoy.  Animals simply eat, mate, sleep and defend, their consciousness is basically fully covered. neither blossomed or bloomed, should we as humans simply just eat, mate, sleep and defend like animals?

The human birth is indeed rare, and only in the human form of life can we realize our full potential as pure loving spirit souls.  We are now temporarily seated on a machine made of material nature which has a beginning and an end, how we utilize this very small insignificant amount of time we have is always our choice.

Am I simply a beast or am I pure love, a living breathing example of truth? Again the choice is always ours, advance or stay stagnated in the murky waters of this unreliable material world, which includes this body full of disease, old age, birth and death.  This is our minute independence, some call it free will, a clear conscious decision at every moment of time.  Body, mind and soul, all three need to be healthy, with every hour of physical exercise. one who is waking from the dreaming state to the blossoming state will spend equal time developing their true identity as a pure loving soul, through reading self-realization books and associating with those who are like minded, association is key to the development of the conscious soul. whatever association we surround ourselves with we will become, live with bank robbers become a bank robber, live with the enlightened become enlightened. Become what you truly are, love, nothing but rahasya, a secret mystery of pure love

Your humble servant,

Devakinandana das




David Fir

a conscious being trying to extend a helping hand to other conscious beings ........

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