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Study: Smoking Causes Nearly Half Of Deaths From 12 Smoking-Related Cancers

Study: Smoking Causes Nearly Half Of Deaths From 12 Smoking-Related Cancers

Study: Smoking Causes Nearly Half Of Deaths From 12 Smoking-Related Cancers.

TIME (6/16, Worland, 19.57M) reports that research published in JAMA Internal Medicine indicates that “smoking causes more than 48% of deaths from the 12 types of cancer sometimes caused by smoking.” Investigators found that “smoking caused more than 80% of lung cancer deaths as well as 77% of larynx cancer deaths.” Time points out that “other top cancers caused by smoking include esophagus, kidney and liver cancer.”

The Los Angeles Times (6/16, Kaplan, 4.03M) “Science Now” blog reports that to arrive at “these figures, the researchers – from the American Cancer Society, the National Cancer Institute, Harvard Medical School and the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center – combined data from the 2011 National Health Interview Survey, the Cancer Prevention Study II and five studies that are known as the Pooled Contemporary Cohort.” The individuals “included in the analysis were at least 35 years old, and they were more educated and less racially diverse than Americans as a whole.”

The Washington Post (6/16, Cha, 5.03M) “To Your Health” blog reports that these “findings are in a stark contrast to a 2014 U.S. Surgeon General’s Report which characterizes the toll of death and disease from tobacco as falling over the years thanks to interventions.” That report only looked “at the smoking-attributable deaths from lung cancer specifically but not the others that are also caused by smoking.” Also covering the story are Reuters (6/16, Rapaport), HealthDay (6/16, Reinberg, 16K), AFP (6/16), Kaiser Health News (6/16, Pockros, 2K), and the Press Association (UK) (6/16).

The point is that all tobacco products are dangerously bad for you  and they as well as smoking can cause not just lung cancer but almost half the deaths 12 smoking related cancers. Yes , in the USA smoking related LUNG cancer has declined and our therapy has improved—BUT there are many more cancer smoking can and has caused when the data is looked at correctly. Parents do everything it takes for your kids to never use tobacco products and those of you who do smoke, the good news is the rate or chance of you getting one of the 12 cancers does fall  at almost any time you stop so long as a cancer has not already started. NO your odds never are as good as a non smoker but they are better than if you continue. Worldwide- there is a big problem . Cigarettes cost less and marketing to second and third world nations continues to step up

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Kevin Ryan

Retired Oncologist Hematologist , Full Colonel and Full Professor of Medicine, cancer survivor and musician

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