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White Flag

White Flag



Everyone is in the material boat of existence and this material boat is a life of continuous struggle for existence, containing many sub branches, which include, fear, anxiety, stress and many more disease inducing symptoms, all caused by the main root, the bodily conception of life, leading to all duality and the struggle for existence.

Can this struggle for existence be flame thrown into annihilation, extinguishing with it all the unreal illusions it has bestowed upon us, fear, anger, envy, lust, illusion and madness.

“with expert vision sharpened by the sword of detachment, the self-realized soul cuts to pieces all doubts with knowledge of the self, thereby withdrawing his consciousness completely from the variety of material existence” sri bhajana rahasya.

“the bewildered spirit soul thinks himself the doer, when in fact all activities are carried out by nature” …bhagavad gita

Everyone is being influenced by the three modes of material nature, goodness, passion and ignorance, all three continuously vie for position, there is always this struggling going on between them, let us not forget the body is also made of these material modes of nature.  This struggle is within, as well as without, surrounding us at all times, but the simple fact is, none of it is real. It is all a temporary illusion.  How can a temporary Shakti, the inferior material nature or energy ever defeat a superior Shakti the jiva soul.? The answer is it cannot. The answer is never.  The jiva soul is factually never entangled. “those with the vision of eternity can see that the soul is transcendental, eternal and above the modes of material nature, although embodied in the material body the soul neither does anything nor is ever entangled” bhagavad gita.

Realize we are not the controllers, nor are we the primary enjoyers.  “you have a right to perform your prescribed duties in this material world but you are not entitled to fruits of your activities. Never consider yourself to be the cause of the fruits of your activities and never be attached to not doing your duty” bhagavad gita.  Everything is simply happening to the body, not the soul, happiness and distress come and go for those who seek the fruits of their activities.  To perform without attachment to the outcome of our bodily activities is vital to an equipoised life of transcendental happiness.

The practice of admitting this and surrendering is the only dharma of the living entity. Surrender is key.  “This trimodal supernatural or alluring, deluding potency of mine is impossible to overcome, but those who exclusively surrender unto me, can certainly surpass this foolish fantasy” bhagavad gita.

The white flag is, the throwing of the hands in the air and singing and dancing in glorious victory and remember this material world is a perverted reflection of the spirit and spirit world, everything is backwards here… surrender does not equal defeat, surrender equals victory. Get some, as always, it is our choice, batter-up.


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