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QuietKat Provides Best of All Worlds

QuietKat Provides Best of All Worlds


This is one of the most innovative machines we’ve seen on a golf course.  It provides the best of both worlds in terms of transport, fun and safety.

QuietKat is a portable, personal electric golf vehicle.  Whether making your way through the rough, traversing around a bunker or flying down the fairway, this machine endures the challenges of any golf course. The KAT has been mindfully engineered to include all of the amenities of a traditional cart, while increasing engagement and decreasing time on the course.  QuietKat’s solid build provides lightweight and powerful transportation for the golfer in a reliable, safe and green manner. A golfer being able to drive to their own ball not only quickens play but also allows more time to focus and execute the next shot. * Lithium battery technology provides years of efficient, clean and reliable use. * The KAT’s soft, wide turf tires provide reduced course impact and superb traction. * QuietKat has the ability to carry a golfer anywhere, anytime. “Play Like A Pro; Move Like A KAT.”

“QuietKat is one of the most innovative products I’ve ever seen at the PGA Show.  It’s  a product that can speed up play and make play much more fun overall.  I can’t wait to get one out on the golf course!  For a golf course, this will be a great addition to the offerings to enhance a golfer’s overall experience.” — A.J.  Ali

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