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101 Favorite Things In Golf

QuietKat Provides Best of All Worlds   This is one of the most innovative machines we've seen on a golf course.  It provides the best of both worlds in terms of transport, fun and safety. QuietKat is a portable, personal electric golf vehicle.  Whether making your way through the rough, traversing around a...

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Maji Sports

The Maji Sports line of amazing yoga mats, exercise mats, blocks, rollers and other high-quality items has been a favorite of ours for many years. They offer items that are essential for golfers to develop and maintain core strength, flexibility and stamina. One of our favorite...

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VPAR Live Golf Scoring

VPAR Live Golf Scoring made the cut as one of Wellness 101's Favorite Things at the 2015 PGA Show! VPAR is the global leader in live golf scoring and the world’s #1 golf app. Our technology is trusted by hundreds of golf clubs and event organizers...

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