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Author: Jane Ali

Green Foods

There are dozens of diets that promise better nutrition and rapid weight loss. But the simplest way to improve your health is to make like Kermit & go green. By: Jenna Blumenfeld, New Hope Network Pistachios They take a little effort to crack open, but pistachios are worth...

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Blue Corn Benefits

New research suggests that anthocyanins, the nutrients that give the corn its lovely blue color, may also help protect against metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer. By: Shara Rutberg, New Hope Network  Blue corn has been popping up as an ingredient everywhere from tortilla chips to breakfast cereal....

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My First 10k

What a great weekend. A lot of my Basic Training crew from the Athletic Club signed up for the Clyde’s 10 K run. A friend I run with said she would run with me. I signed up because Karen & I both said we would...

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