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Does your life suck?

Does your life suck?

Have you ever changed the story you are telling about a challenging situation, and as a result felt better because you changed your perspective? In every moment we are creating our own reality about what is going on in our lives. If you talk about how hard your life is, the hardships in your life will take front and center, and after a while, that is all you will see, and as a result, that is all you will experience.

KEY: WHAT YOU FOCUS ON BECOMES YOUR REALITY! Make a choice right now to talk to yourself and others about the opportunities and amazing things that are showing up in your life, and watch this become front and center. Doing this doesn’t make the challenges magically go away, but it does make you feel a whole lot better about your life. You are in control! Look for what you want to see! Start your conversations with what is going right in your life, not what is going wrong.

Alice Inoue

Alice Inoue is the founder and Chief Happiness Officer of Happiness University. She is an expert life guide, and author of five nationally award-winning books on life wisdom, self-growth and happiness. She has two columns, one in MidWeek titled “A Mindful Moment,” and an award-winning column in the Sunday Star-Advertiser called “Go Ask Alice” that offers pertinent life guidance. Through Happiness U, she helps both companies and individuals develop positive mindsets in order to live more inspired in both their professional and private lives.

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