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How to Start Exercising When You Don’t Exercise at All

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How to Start Exercising When You Don’t Exercise at All

exercise, fitness, routine, start todaySo it has been about 15 years since you last got on a treadmill or did a sit-up and you aren’t really missing it either?  I understand and this is not a plea for you to become the next Jane Fonda (oh, I dated myself…lol). You might have thought about starting to exercise, but never got to it. So now is a great time to start exercising so you can begin to see and feel the benefits. I know you can find a type of movement that you can do on a regular basis that you don’t cringe when you think about doing it. There may be one or two things that you can incorporate into your day that can help you get started. So if you don’t exercise right now, that is okay, because once you get done reading this, you can start right away.

Why am I trying to convince you to exercise if you don’t exercise or if you don’t like to exercise and you think well I don’t want to lose weight or look like a body builder so why should I have to exercise? There are many reasons why you should exercise. For one, exercise is vital to your overall health.

Benefits of Exercise?

There are many benefits resulting from exercise. Exercise increases blood flow throughout your body, improves circulation, decreases stress, supports weight loss, increases muscle mass, increases sexual umf, makes you feel better and increases energy. And that is just a short list. Once you get started and do it consistently for a week or two, you will easily notice the difference. And you can start exercising at any time, it is never too late.

How to Start?

exercise, exercise at work, exercise with weights, use weights at work to exercise, easy exercise at the officeThere are so many ways to start exercising. You can stretch, do chair exercises, walk at the mall, do weights while watching TV, climb the stairs, dance, yoga, do some gardening, rake leaves, shovel snow. You can tie an exercise band to a drawer or leg of a table in your office and you can do a little resistance training and it won’t even make you sweat but it will benefit you. If you are cooking and feel a little tightness in your legs, just bend over and reach for your toes a few times to get things loosened up and then you can do some squats as you are sauteing your vegetables.

If you sit in a cubicle all day, try bicycle peddles under your desk. You can also walk the stairs at lunch, use the bathroom two floors above you and use the stairs. Does your office have a gym? Is there a gym close by that you can go to before or after work? Can you run around the yard or the house with your kids?

Exercise before work, during lunch time, after work, before dinner, or if you don’t work figure out a time that will allow you to easily get into the swing of exercising regularly. Exercise in front of the TV or when you are on the telephone with your friends and family. Just so many ways to get that body moving.

How Long Do You Have to Exercise?

The information given on this has varied over the years. Some say 30 minutes, some say 20, but your personal trainer will say one hour and if you really want to work out, one and half hours…so gee, how long are you supposed to exercise? Well, since you are just about to start exercising, how about you start with 10 minutes. Can you spare ten minutes to start your goal towards claiming a healthy body? I know you can do it.  Write five exercises that you could start on a sticky note, repeat for as many places as you can stick it to remind you to do the exercises.  Go ahead, write the list now that it is fresh in your mind. Once you start exercising for ten minutes, you can increase it by five minutes every week or every other week until you hit 20 or 30 minutes.  How ever long you are exercising, go for the gusto and really give it your all and make the time your are spending really count.

And don’t forget to have some fun!

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Pia Civiletti, The Sassy Italian Lady

Pia Civiletti, The Sassy Italian Lady, Founder of All Over Wellness

Pia Civiletti

Pia Civiletti, creator of All Over Wellness, is a mother of one son and seven cats. Pia is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Hormone Cure Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, BraveHeart Women Anchor, DYBO Specialist, Reiki Master, Certified Hypnotist and lover of everything related to living a happy, healthy and fulfilled life. Pia started in the coaching field because she felt she could get to the cause of why people are unhealthy, unhappy and can’t seem to get to where they want to go. She found a deep interest in the way the body and mind worked when her disabled sister was hospitalized and near death. When one the doctors told Pia that she should become a doctor, it really got her thinking. She knew the traditional way was not for her but looked for a way she could use her skills to help others the way she was able to help her sister. Pia knows that focusing on the whole person and their life is what is needed for people to be truly healthy...working on many modalities that go from head to toe, healthy mind and body...that is where you find 'all over wellness'. Pia offers life and wellness consulting and coaching services. You can contact her at

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