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Keep your carbs up in the am

Keep your carbs up in the am

The best time to have carbohydrates are in the morning. You want to have good carbs of course which consist of dry pancakes, pasta,muffins,cereal,oatmeal,rice,etc, whatever that choice may be but again healthy carbs. Carbs  give us a good source of energy. However my advice is ,that if you are going to eat a meal with a lot of carbs like pasta, have this in the earlier part of the day like lunch hour. As the day progresses, lessen that intake and start increasing your protein as much as you can.For example, proteins like chicken, fish or a lean steak and have this for dinner. You want to end your day with a high protein meal rather than a high carb meal. The carbs from earlier will burn off as you move throughout the day. You should see your body responding better by doing this. Have an amazing day!


Santana Rodriguez

My name is Santana Rodriguez. I'm originally from Buffalo, NY but reside in Los Angeles,CA . I was a fitness competitor in 2003 taking the the overall title for ABA federation called Miss Team USA Modelquest Champion. In 2007, I became a segment host and producer for the fitness segment of a TV show based out of NYC titled NYCTV Profiles. In 2012, I represented a California state pageant representing the city of Los Angeles. what an honor that was. This year in 2014, I came in 2nd to a regional competition in Los Angeles. In addition to all of this, Ive been featured in numerous magazines as well obtaining 5 covers. I've not only had the greatest time competing and doing print work,but have had the greatest time educating and meeting people. I truly love life. Always do what's passionate in your heart and help as many people as you can along the way.... And most importantly, thank God everyday for being on this earth and being blessed enough to have a space in this world.

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