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Kosher is more humane

Kosher is more humane


Ok, you eat meat! Your spiritual friends are looking at you with the lifted eyebrow! Somewhere inside you actually feel guilty. You know that it would probably be better for you if you went vegan or, at the very least vegetarian, but you can’t quite get yourself to make that jump.

Of course you have heard and read on line at least a couple of hundred times the slogan: “You are what you eat”. Now you just ate a big juicy steak! So you close your eyes, like the ostrich in the sand, you avoid the issue and you move on with your life making the best out of enjoying your meals.

But deep inside, there is still a sense of uneasiness. Is that you?

For your information, I will tell you before I continue, that I am neither a meat eater, nor vegetarian, nor vegan. I am not gluten-free, sugar-free, and dairy free… or whatever the new free might be. I strive for balance and moderation.

However, I generally don’t eat meat or poultry because I lost the taste for it along time ago. But Stephen, Dr. Fitness USA does and I happily buy it and cook it for him, because he feels better when he does, then when he doesn’t.

I don’t like the way the animals are treated, just as much as I don’t like the way the fruit and plant kingdom are treated either.  But we have to eat, don’t we?

I write about this in greater length in my upcoming book Tantric Code…The Missing Link”.

Here is quote from St Francis de Sales: “The Spirit cannot endure the body when overfed, but when underfed, the body cannot endure the spirit” So we have to eat!

This is my take on the subject.

Just as you would lean toward buying your fruits and vegetable organic, chose your meats wisely.

We have already heard that grass fed and free-range meats are healthier; why not consider buying kosher too!

Why might you buy kosher meats if you are not Jewish?

There are a few important reasons why it would be a good idea, this  is a very brief summary, but to the point.

First of all, the kosher ritual involves a more respectful and quicker death. The animal is put down with a clean and sharp knife, specially designed with a square end vs. pointed end, as to prevent stabbing. The process is fast and painless, with a very rapid and precise cut to the throat, allowing the blood and the brain to drain quickly to render the animal unconscious as rapidly as possible.  If the animal shows any type of pain, the meat is not considered kosher.

Also in the meats labeled Glatt Kosher, the organs have been inspected for parasites and lesions to ensure that the animal is free of disease. For this reasons, the animals are also treated more humanly while alive, given more room and fed properly, avoiding by-products for example.

There are no secrets anymore of how animals are inhumanly treated and butchered, their skulls crushed with metal bolts before slaughtered, sometimes still alive and conscious when dismembered, because of constant pressure of production. Fed bi-products and crap while alive, injected with hormones for faster growth, then injected with antibiotics to hopefully rid them of diseases, abused while alive, and slaughtered under despicable conditions.

Why eat kosher meats if you are not Jewish? You will not only enjoy a better quality piece of meat that tastes a whole lot better, you will have the good conscious that the flesh you are eating has not endured such disgraceful treatment, and of course, you will assist in raising the consciousness on the matter and hopefully sooner than later have humane laws and guidelines established in slaughter houses.

Love changes the vibrations of things. So always cook your meals with love and eat them with love. Do the right thing and lose the guilt.

On another subject, I heard in a lecture by Drunvalo Malchizedek that potatoes contain a specific enzyme that counteracts the poisons substances in the meat, thus the “meat and potato diet” came to existence. So if it is true, ensuring you have potatoes with your meat might be a good thing to do.

Bon appetit.

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Dr. Fitness USA

I am Stephen Hercy, aka Dr. Fitness USA. My passion is to assist men and women of all ages attain the body they always dreamed of having, but don’t know they can achieve it. The Body Design Formula strength training system I created and perfected over the last 45 years quiets the mind, strengthens the nervous system and increases your strength by 20% to 50% in 20 minutes; it rebuilds bone density mass, corrects postural alignment and regains 15 years of your youth, GUARANTEED

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