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Leg press tips to increase strength

Leg press tips to increase strength

12 tips to improve your leg press technique now and increase your strength dramatically

1. Keep your heels low on the area of the board

2. On a Hammer or Life Fitness leg press, keep your feet straight and parallel to your hips or slightly wider by approximately 2 inches on either side

3. On other leg press machines that have softer platforms, you can use different foot positions.

4. Raise your bench angle to 45°

5. To increase strength, keep your heavier sets at 4 reps

6. Finish strong, on a “working set” by lowering the weight slightly and increasing your last set to 8 reps

7. If you want to increase strength, Drop setting weakens you

8. Super-setting your leg press routine with aerobic activities or stretching subjects you to unforeseen tendon and ligament injuries

9. The heavier weights follows the line of movement of the lighter weights, so don’t think, just execute. As soon as the weight comes down, immediately push up.

10. Do not round back which weakens the arches in your back & or drop your chin to chest which cuts off oxygen to your brain

11. Breath, inhale through the nose while bringing the legs down, exhale through the mouth when pushing the legs up

12. Start your workout with a plate load leg press, not a selectorized machine. Selectorized machines are too hard on the joints and tendons. You are coming into the machine cold and will never allow you to move up in sufficient weight.

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