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letting go of ego

letting go of ego

This is the age of selfies, everyone looking perfect, smiling… or pouting, make sure the picture is the best, instant gratification, fear of missing out… This is our current world. It feels like our ego is in control. How do you deal with the idolization of perfection? Is anybody perfect and who exactly decides what is perfect?

In yoga we are supposed to not allow our ego (technically if we’re talking about id, ego, superego, then it would be the superego, but that’s a lesson in psychology) to drive us. But even yoga is advertised in a way that it’s ego-driven. People go to yoga classes to get that perfect body, to lose weight, to tone, get in shape, etc. How do we keep our ego in check when everything drives us to be perfect? How do we accept ourselves the way we are? How do you accept yourself?

I don’t ever remember a time in my life when I was not dieting. At a very young age I was told to “suck it in.” I was taunted and teased. It was ingrained in me that I was “fat.” That gets in a person’s psyche. It made me incredibly defensive. I hid behind sarcasm, behind an apathetic wall that didn’t let anyone in. I was angry.

In 2000, I started my yoga journey. It was a slow start, but 5 years later I graduated with a yoga teacher training certificate. During that time I started to open up, confront my fears, and allow emotions. It’s a continual journey. It included a master’s in social work, which continued this journey of self-exploration, self-assessment. I have grown, I have released ghosts, I have analyzed, and I have accepted.

I never practiced yoga because it was cool or the popular exercise. I came across a TV show and began yoga through that. I went to ‘yoga school’ to dive deeper into yoga, to learn. I have explored various yoga classes and trainings to see what works for me.  What allows me to keep my ego in check, keep other people’s opinions of me out of my head, let society disappear for a while. What allows me to heal.

We are in a society that tells us we have to be perfect. But what is perfect to you may not be perfect to society. It’s time to let that go and allow ourselves peace. Once one has inner peace, you will find yourself more open, more giving, more joy, bliss. Allow this journey to begin for you if it hasn’t already. Grow and explore, and may you find peace.

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti

Om Peace, Peace, Peace

May each being find peace

May each being find happiness


Robyn Boettner

Robyn is the resident yoga instructor on this site. I have been practicing yoga since 2000 and became a Certified Integrative Yoga Teacher in 2005. I became a teacher to learn more about yoga and integrate it more into my lifestyle. I then realized that I wanted to make yoga accessible to everyone. I have taught at Y's (YMCA & YWCA), community centers, community colleges, and various other locations throughout the decade. I hope that through this blog we can explore yoga together.

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