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Looking to Make a Change?

change, lifestayle, new, brain, thoughts, patterns

Looking to Make a Change?

change, lifestayle, new, brain, thoughts, patternsWhat does change feel like to you?  What do you want to change about you and your life? For most of us, we have at least one thing on the ‘things we want to change’ list at any given time. And that is good…you always want to be growing and developing in all areas of your life…well maybe not your waistline.  Stop and make a list right now of the things you would like to change this year.  It could one thing or ten, but list them in priority of what is most important to you.

What will it take for you to make lasting changes that creates a new you or that new life you want?  Do you want to get in shape?  Do you want a new job or to become an entrepreneur? Maybe you want get more education. Or are you just wanting to have more fun and be happier?

If you want to make a change and you want it to be permanent…think lifestyle change.  Changing the way you do things, the way you live to obtain a different you or a different way of being.  I know this is easier said then done.  But it is not impossible. Not even a little impossible. So take the first thing on your list and start putting details around what needs to be done to accomplish the change.

Once you know some of the details, start researching it.  The best way to start making a change is to know what you want and then be willing to actually change what you are doing now.  The first place to start is with the master in your head. You will need to make room for new ideas, new information, maybe even a whole new way of thinking based on your research.  Sometimes, there are many avenues you can take, choose the best one for you, the one you feel that will get you to where you want to go. If you want to change the way you eat, there are different dietary theories you can try.  Some may not work for you and some will.  You might even have to try more than one to find the best one.

The important thing is to ‘Open Your Mind’!  Be open to new people, new ways of doing things, new truths and trying new things.  If  you are not willing to open your mind and change what’s inside, there is a good chance that the changes you are trying to make won’t stick for the long-term.

If you want to get started…just relax and let’s crack that mind open and perform a brainbotomy.  Get some new information and stuff it in there, mix it up and make a melting pot of possible new ways of thinking and new ways of putting change in your life.  Once you accomplish one change, move on to the next one in your list and repeat the process.  Brainbotomy’s don’t hurt, they just take a little time to work through.  Here’s to all of us becoming brain surgeons.

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Pia Civiletti, The Sassy Italian Lady

Pia Civiletti, The Sassy Italian Lady, Founder of All Over Wellness


Pia Civiletti

Pia Civiletti, creator of All Over Wellness, is a mother of one son and seven cats. Pia is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Hormone Cure Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, BraveHeart Women Anchor, DYBO Specialist, Reiki Master, Certified Hypnotist and lover of everything related to living a happy, healthy and fulfilled life. Pia started in the coaching field because she felt she could get to the cause of why people are unhealthy, unhappy and can’t seem to get to where they want to go. She found a deep interest in the way the body and mind worked when her disabled sister was hospitalized and near death. When one the doctors told Pia that she should become a doctor, it really got her thinking. She knew the traditional way was not for her but looked for a way she could use her skills to help others the way she was able to help her sister. Pia knows that focusing on the whole person and their life is what is needed for people to be truly healthy...working on many modalities that go from head to toe, healthy mind and body...that is where you find 'all over wellness'. Pia offers life and wellness consulting and coaching services. You can contact her at

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