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Everyone knows that it helps to write about something you know about and have experience with.   It is my hope you benefit from my knowledge turning toward the plant world through essential oils (Young Living) for personal and professional use and care in regard to chronic sinus issues, breathing, and neck discomfort.

       Sinusitis is inflammation of the nasal and sinus passages, and over time can put pressure on the cheek area, eyes,  nose, and either side of the head.  Touching clients who had no idea their forehead where the sinuses are, or the cheek area were tender allows one to be aware of the extent to which such symptoms affect the face and neck.   Even though many doctors do not mention or pay attention to the neck of my clients when dealing with chronic sinus issues, yours truly reminds them that the occipital area at the base of the head can be extremely tender and sore to the touch.  Learning much with family members, then myself with some issues in the sinuses, much research and experimenting has gone into the following for some sinus tips:

STAY HYDRATED:  A key part for sinus health, as blowing the nose, and using some medications can actually de-hydrate you, making all symptoms worse.  Rule of thumb: drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces daily

EXTREMES OF TEMPERATURE:  Coming into the winter, take note of the intense heat you may put on in car, then go outside in cold, then go inside to work or home.  Those extremes impact the sinus if they are already struggling

DRY AIR IN HOME:  Try to add moisture with a good vaporizer in bedroom, room most used, and work if you can

DIFFUSE ESSENTIAL OILS:  The easiest and most practical way to open, clear and inhale essential oils to help the sinuses.  Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Rosemary, Melrose, RC and Purification are some aromatic and effective ones

GET SUFFICIENT SLEEP:  A pivotal component of overall health, since any less than 6-8 hours nightly, can impact the immune system, and energy levels for the day, as dealing with sinus issues is draining for the entire body

REDUCE DANDER/HAIR OF ANIMALS:  Be aware if you have animals, the impact of dander in the air, hair all over the home, and clothes, and your reaction to them. An air purifier may be of help to reduce the above

CONSIDER THE OIL BLEND RC REGULARLY:  Inhaling this oil blend of 3 Eucalyptuses ( E. globulus, E. radiata, E. citriodora), Myrtle, Spruce, Peppermint, Pine, Lavender, Marjoram, and Cypress offers relief.  Make a Vapor of 2 drops in a pot of boiling water, with a towel over your head, close your eyes, and breath in.  Gargle 3-6 times per day with RC.  Topically, dilute 50-50 with olive oil, sweet almond oil, or grapeseed oil along with 3 drops of RC and put on forehead, neck, nose, cheeks, lower throat, chest and upper back 1-3 times per day.  Massage this oil blend on the base of the third toe of each foot, as this is the corresponding point for the sinuses – 1-2 times per day.

The above suggestions have offered me tremendous relief, along with my clients and family, with no negative side effects, only hope and cost saving natural options.  One more recent new creative way to help your breathing and nose is to go to Amazon and buy the nasal inhalers, medical grade plastic, and make your own nasal inhaler with Young Living essential oils.  I usually make for the sinuses, 5 drops of Eucalyptus, and 5 of Peppermint on the foam roller, drop in the plastic case, and snap on the bottom plug.  Simple, carefree, fun and great for gifts.  Visit my site to learn more about therapeutic grade essential oils for wellness.

Linda Penkala

Linda Penkala has made the bulk of her living as an entrepreneur by saying little, and using her hands and heart. Her first career as the leading female jockey in Maryland riding thoroughbreds as fast as possible, fine- tuned her hands for the next one, slowing people down. As a licensed massage therapist of 29 years serving clients, corporations, and the community she has now found her voice to empower people toward pro-active wellness. Her company Corporate Pit Stop offers on-site seated massage in companies and universities, including wellness presentations. Optimum Health for Life offers relaxing therapeutic massage with essential oils. She adds value by listening and allowing each person to be in their still, safe space for profound healing. Her inspirational wellness initiative is Wise Heart Health for Women helping women prevent heart disease. She is excited to offer hope through speaking and motivational writing on her blog and


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    I agree! Thank you for the post. Water is the source of life.

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