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Author: Linda Penkala

The Sense of Using Scents to Season Food

The scent and captivating aromas we take in through our noses has a direct impact on our emotions, our appetite and sense of joy.  Walking into the lobby of the University of Maryland's Baltimore hospital and the lobby of one of my doctors in an...

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12 TIPS TO RELAX AND REDUCE STRESS FOR TEENS & ADULTS         Assess your life stress from 1-10 with 10 the highest. Emotional (home, relations) & work/school To help reduce the number, use the power of breathing in for 3, hold for 5, and out for 8 Praying helps...

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Loving Lemons into the New Year!

The value and benefits of lemons continue to amaze me!  They are high in antioxidents and Vitamin C and E, selenium, zinc, carotenoid pigments and limonin.  Studies have shown that the antioxidents in lemon enhance the liver's ability to break down toxins by up to 35%! ...

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