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Take a Sneak Peak Behind the Curtain

Take a Sneak Peak Behind the Curtain

You haven’t heard from me in a while. If you’ve been wondering, I’ve been working on a new project…. And here’s a sneak peak!

In just 10 days I am launching a new series that that is going to change your life so the “song of your soul” will shine through and your life will never be the same again .

It’s strictly a members only program and I know you’ll want to get in on this series from the start.


This time in Earth’s history introduces a new phase of enlightenment, spiritual awareness and a time where ordinary people have an opening to uncover their psychic, intuitive, telepathic ability which has long been buried in their subconscious. It’s a time to get in touch with your passionate purpose and let it shine so others can bask in the glow of the power —-that only you can bring.

AND, in honor of completing our 5th year running the My Shining Life program I am launching a special 10 part series on October 18. You’ll discover that you are at your best when you are the most vulnerable, where you have the courage to be vulnerable. It transforms the way we live, love, parent and lead.

To fill you in, we invite you to join in on a free 4 part video training to launch the new My Shining Life series.

In our 4 part video series you’ll:
1) Learn how to make a conscious choice to change your life for the better
2) Start your journey of transformation – that we all have to go though in order to make it happen
3) Envision what your life would look like if everything you wanted came true
4) Learn one core strategy that you can take action on right now.

Click here to see the first of 4 videos on how you can instantly create a newer, better you.

Barbara Robins

Barbara Robins eliminates personal and business stress so things in your life go easier. Barbara works with people who are ready to take action on moving their life forward and who are open to out of the box solutions. Read Barbara's full resume here:

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