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Recently there is a lot of talk about zumba and other low intensity aerobic type exercises as burning as much or more as p90x/insanity and MLRT type workouts because they keep you in the goldilocks of fat burning zones. I call BS. The research to back this up does not take into account the after burn affect of recovery and muscle repair. Side note: it is definitely  NOT healthy or beneficial to workout like a crazy homeless person on drugs shouting profanity (Steph and Greer lol). However, my theory is you get out what you put in: The more effort, breath, sweat, muscle failing that takes place SAFELY, the more calories that were AND will continue to burn. When looking at a chart graphing out the calorie expenditure for an entire day, you would find the more intense movement routines to yield a much higher burn. And that is because the after-burn affect of muscle repair and recovery. Muscles aren’t usually damaged too much doing zumba and if they are its not in comparison to doing High Intensity/Overload workouts. Not saying it’s not a great workout and PERFECT for a starting point. Although I have yet to try Zumba, in all honesty. I’ve been waiting for my green leotard to come in the mail.

Dustin Conrad

“Fitness is my life, my passion, and helping others realize and achieve their greatness is my fuel.” But it wasn’t always this way! In 2006 I ruptured two heart valves as a direct result of drug addiction, and had to have open heart surgery performed on me. After that, a totally different kind of opening of the heart took place, and I dedicated my life to working on myself and helping others. A huge part of what has made me a such a success in, not only, my physical life, but also my mental life as well; is exercise. I can’t say enough about how important I feel it is. So I commend anyone who takes their health on with that vigor because its not an easy task; it takes commitment and consistency. I am honored to walk with you on that path.

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