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Clumsiness and Mindfulness

Clumsiness and Mindfulness

I’m clumsy. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m clumsy. Probably people who see me walking… errr tripping… down the street know I’m clumsy. It’s just who I am.

I broke my foot running down stairs. I was on vacation and wanted to dry a shirt so I could pack it to go home that day. I was actually coming home from a weekend at a yoga festival. As I stated, I was running down the stairs. Somehow I flipped my foot over and POP. I can still hear the sound. After that the day is molded in my brain. I have no idea how I flipped my foot. I remember running down the stairs, I remember my shirt.

Was it my clumsiness? Maybe. Was I just not being mindful of where my foot was stepping? Possibly. Simply put, I was in a hurry.

I’ve been told A LOT to slow down. I tend to get excited about something and move quickly, speak quickly, eat quickly, etc. I have spent a lot of time working on slowing down. Learning to place a glass of water somewhere I won’t spill it. And picking it up without dropping it. I have learned to walk at a pace so I can pay attention to each foot placement and where I am going.

My injuries don’t always happen when I’m in a hurry. I’ve fallen off bicycles enough to have had two concussions and seven stitches. I don’t think I’m meant to ride a bike. But I’ve learned that riding a bike is just not meant for me. Or I’m not meant to be on two wheels.

Clumsiness may be inherent for me. It’s easy to blame all my injuries on clumsiness. Last week, I fell doing burpees on a Bosu Ball. I lost grip in one hand and went down. Had I been mindful of where I was placing my hands I wouldn’t have a large, green bruise on my pectoral muscle. I needed to slow down for a moment and didn’t.

It’s that simple. Okay, it’s really not that simple, but let’s try working on mindfulness. Do a walking meditation sometime. Preferably outside, but given it’s February inside is just as well. Shoes, barefoot, socks, whatever. Begin by breathing, noticing each breath entering and exiting the body. And walk. Notice each step, each movement, notice how your heel hits the ground. Notice how you roll your foot. The weight on the balls of the foot. The legs, knees flexing, how the muscles are working. The hips, posture of the spine. Torso muscles. Shoulders. And end at the head. Walking until you notice your body working as one. Just notice. Judgement free. Loving yourself more with each step.

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti

Om Peace, Peace, Peace

May each being find peace.

May each being find happiness.


Robyn Boettner

Robyn is the resident yoga instructor on this site. I have been practicing yoga since 2000 and became a Certified Integrative Yoga Teacher in 2005. I became a teacher to learn more about yoga and integrate it more into my lifestyle. I then realized that I wanted to make yoga accessible to everyone. I have taught at Y's (YMCA & YWCA), community centers, community colleges, and various other locations throughout the decade. I hope that through this blog we can explore yoga together.

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