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It’s Never Too Soon For An End-Of-Life Goodbye

It’s Never Too Soon For An End-Of-Life Goodbye

It’s never too soon to give an End-of-Life goodbye. – Three months ago I gave Joe that kind of goodbye because I thought our connection was over. I felt compelled to say to him what was on my heart – thank you for all the good you brought into my life; I apologize for irritating you; while we don’t get along now I wish you well and look forward to the next lifetime we are together harmoniously.

We wound up continuing to talk but his out-of-context anger grew. So, I had to completely and permanently walk away. Exactly one month later, at only 59, Joe suddenly passed away after a stroke. Because of my prior goodbye to him, and leaving nothing else unsaid I am completely clear and complete.

Yes I am grieving for the loss of the Joe who was gentle and kind and generous. And, I am sad that he was so deeply emotionally tortured that he couldn’t find his way out other than by bursting away from this life. But I will cherish all I learned in this short dance with him, and am forever grateful I understood it’s never too soon to give an End-of-Life goodbye.

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