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Relationships – Life Experiences – A Team Game – Thanks SELF

Relationships – Life Experiences – A Team Game – Thanks SELF

Relationships – Life Experiences

Life experiences are fun, especially when I take the time to reflect on them rather than constantly moving from one event to the next, from one project to another. The best part about these events, in my humble opinion, is the ability to form new and sustain interesting relationships.

Our recent experience with the team at SELF magazine was one such life experience that we really enjoyed and want to reflect on. (We were extremely fortunate to have just been featured in SELF magazine in an article entitled SELF-Made Couples Here to Inspire: Trailblazing Husband-and-Wife Business Partners.)

There were myriad wardrobe changes, phone calls, and written interviews, shopping opportunities (noted anxieties, just a taste: did we answer the questions the right way? did we say the right things? what did we forget to include?). Then there was the photo shoot (which picture would they use? did we smile brightly enough? would we inspire anything? were our clothes too tight? clothes too loose? ), which turned out to be one of the coolest experiences. An extremely diverse and talented team met us around 630 am in our apartment to get ready and head out to the Farmer’s Market (right location? we love them, but do others?). They knew exactly what they were doing and choreographed us like the professionals they are. People in the street looked on, a farmer selling apples scooted us away – even though we gave him a good amount of business in preparation for a batch of fresh juices – and the sun held itself in the right position long enough to get some really great pictures.

Ultimately, seeing the amazing article in print was and is a ton of fun but it was the experience of being part of such a hard working team that made it truly memorable. All parts of the journey, from planting the seed of what Aromaflage is and why we created it, to seeing the article in print was an amazing experience we will appreciate and remember.

Michael Fensterstock

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