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Resistance vs Inspired Inaction

Resistance vs Inspired Inaction

ID-100283483Steven Pressfield, the author of The War of Art says “Resistance is the only thing getting in the way of achieving your greatest successes.” However there is a resistance everyone uses every day that is one of our greatest successes. We learned that resistance as a young child so we no longer wear diapers.

Granted there is resistance that does get in the way of achieving great success. That resistance shows up in the form of procrastination, lack of motivation, insecurities, self doubt, fear.

However I think there is something else that we might think is resistance but it’s not. It’s what I call “Inspired Inaction.” Inspired inaction is when we are being guided to wait. You know, like waiting for a bus is not resistance to riding the bus. We have to wait for the bus to arrive or we’ll miss it.

I’m ending this article with a question: “How do you tell the difference between resistance and inspired inaction especially if the inspired inaction is misinterpreted as lack of motivation?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.




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