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The True Champion’s 30-Day Challenge

The True Champion’s 30-Day Challenge



Friday, August 12 to Saturday, Sept 10, 2016



Join the True Champion’s 30-Day Challenge program and transform your mind, body and spirit — from wherever you are in the U.S.  The program consists of 30 days of reading 1 short chapter a day; daily exercises for the mind, body and spirit that you do on your own or with a small group local to you; support and guidance from team leaders; and more. (Santa Monica area residents and visitors get the added bonus of the availability of daily morning gatherings with a co-author of the book). 


WHAT:  The True Champion’s 30-Day Challenge — a month-long program that you can do from anywhere to help you form new habits mentally, spiritually and physically that will lead to your best life ever!  We are based in Santa Monica, CA but you do not have to be there to participate.  Being there will give you bonus benefits such as daily physical gatherings, but there are so many things you can do remotely that it will benefit you immensely wherever you are.  Read a brief lesson each day, join a short daily conference call, perform daily action steps on your own, share your daily progress with other participants in a private Facebook group, and more.

WHEN:  Friday, August 12 to Saturday, Sept 10, 2016 (The next group challenge will be Oct 1-30, 2016)  

WHERE:  Wherever you are in the U.S.!  Santa Monica area residents receive a bonus benefit of a daily hour-long (not mandatory) exercise and inspiration session every morning 7-8 am at the Original Muscle Beach in Santa Monica (located just south of the Santa Monica Pier and right behind the Loews Hotel).  

Transform Your Mind, Body & Spirit by participating in a 30-day bible-based transformational event in Santa Monica or from wherever you are.

Front Cover of 30-Day Challenge wo SpineINCLUDES:  

  • A signed copy of The True Champion’s 30-Day Challenge book given to you in person in Santa Monica or mailed to you anywhere in the U.S.
  • A PDF copy of the book emailed to you as soon as you sign up.
  • A daily phone conference call 6:30 to 7 am with Co-Author A.J. Ali and other participants to review the day’s chapter and inspire you to reach your daily goals.
  • Private Facebook support group where you can interact with all of the other participants and be inspired.
  • Two 30-minute one-on-one motivational calls with Co-Author A.J. Ali (or face to face meetings if you’re in Santa Monica), one during the first 10 days and one during the last 10 days to help you set your goals and cross the finish line.
  • Incredible fellowship and networking.

SANTA MONICA AREA bonuses include:

  • A daily early-morning devotional and exercise gathering on the beach (with options including yoga, walking, cycling, volleyball and other activities), including some visits from trainers.  You select your self-guided exercise activities.  Partner up with others who have similar interests and build new friendships.  We’ll gather every morning from 7 to 8 am.  We’ll spend 20-minutes reviewing chapter material, praying and sharing challenges and triumphs.  We’ll spend 40 minutes exercising.
  • Inspirational guest speakers at daily gatherings.
  • Vouchers for free exercise classes around town throughout the 30-day period.
  • A Wellness 101 Westside Rewards membership giving discounts on wellness products and services for a year
  • A beachfront graduation celebration and lunch at Perry’s Cafe at noon on September 10th

For every 10 people you bring from your church, a pastor from your church participates for free!  

Participants are under no obligation to come to the every early-morning gatherings, since people will take vacations, not everyone is located in Santa Monica, work schedules may not allow, etc.

Everyone who completes the reading assignments will receive a course completion certificate suitable for framing. 

COST:  $99 (only $3.30 per day to transform your life!)


Friday, August 12 to Saturday, Sept 10, 2016



Your True Champion Program Hosts are A.J. & Jane Ali

•Happily married for 22 years, living in Santa Monica and active members of ACTS Church in Venice.

•Jane is a 5x Triathlete, life-long equestrian, 10-year breast cancer survivor and a Co-Host on the Wellness 101 Web-TV series.  She has inspired cancer patients all over the U.S. with her positive spirit and warrior attitude.  She’ll not only help you survive difficulties, she’ll help you thrive!

•A.J. is the Co-Author of the True Champion’s 30-Day Challenge Book, Host of the Wellness 101 Web-TV series, veteran and former member of the U.S. Air Force soccer team, former owner of two professional soccer teams and a Hollywood FAME Award winning producer for a music CD and national tour he orchestrated to help cancer patients.  As “The Wellness Motivator!”, A.J. loves helping people discover their calling and inspire them to pursue the mission that God has placed in their heart.  In 2014, A.J. launched Wellness 101 with a 50-State golf trip during a 101-day period starting with only $500.  Inspiring people to wellness along the way, his journey was funded by sponsors and fueled by positive vibes of those he met along the way.


Friday, August 12 to Saturday, Sept 10, 2016



Are you a Christian personal trainer, health coach, nutritionist, counselor or other wellness professional?  Ask me how you can become a True Champion Christian Coach and lead groups in your area.  Call 323-577-5976 for details.   



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A.J. Ali

A.J. Ali, "The Wellness Motivator!" is an award-winning writer, producer, actor, host, voice over artist, emcee and creative visionary. He is the Founder and Executive Producer of EclipseVSC since 1999. A.J. is currently producing and hosting the multimedia wellness entity "Wellness 101" with a vision of helping to change the focus of healthcare in America from sickness to wellness ( To launch the Wellness 101 brand, A.J. did the impossible. Starting with only $500, he traveled through all 50 states in 101 days June 16 through September 24, 2014 -- starting in Melbourne Beach, FL and ending up on a sun soaked beach in Hawaii after changing lives in all 50 states. His "True Champion's 30-Day Challenge" book is transforming lives nationwide ( Now, Wellness 101 is taking human transformation to another level through holistic wellness. A.J. has more than 30 years experience in sports and entertainment as an athlete, artist and social entrepreneur. He has founded and owned two pro soccer teams and has spearheaded hundreds of successful projects. A.J. created and starred in the TV show "Good Fellas of Baltimore" on Fox in 2011, which raised more than $250,000 for charities in Baltimore and inspired fans to join the cast to help people in need. As an on-air talent and voice over artist, his enthusiastic love of people makes him believable and inspirational. As a wellness speaker and emcee, he is inspiring. An accomplished writer with a conversational style, his work is transformative. His 2007 song "Through the Darkness, Into the Light," compilation music CD "Survivor Celebration" and Survivor Celebration campaign helping cancer survivors won the coveted Hollywood FAME Award for National Community Service. As a philanthropist and entrepreneur, A.J. has raised more than $25 million for charities. He teaches his charity event success methods through a workshop called "MAKE IT RAIN." He is proud to be a U.S. Air Force Veteran (83-87). His mantra is "LOVE is the answer." He is an avid golfer.


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