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The start of day 5-My Cleanse/Detox is Going Great!

The start of day 5-My Cleanse/Detox is Going Great!

Today is the start of day five of my 10 day cleanse/detox. I have been following a very specific program. For details on the exact program email me here:

Many people think of a cleanse as drinking a gallon of prune juice and strapping your self to the porcelain god. This is definitely NOT what I’m doing. As I’ve been sharing the goal of a cleanse/detox is to reset your body and break any addictions to processed food. It’s also a great way to jump start your metabolism. Here are my weight loss results so far. In 4 days I’ve lost 6.8 lbs . And I was already pretty lean to start. My waist is dramatically sliming up. My hydration/water number has increased by 2% my muscle number has stayed strong the whole time while my body fat has decreased by 1.5%. This means I’m not loosing muscle. I’m so pleased with my results. The system I’m using involves nutrient dense green super foods. Grasses are big part of it. Spirulina, chlorella,  Kamut and many others. These are greens that you just don’t pick up at your local grocery store YET! However, I very much hope that changes soon. I want to end with this. Nutrition at the cellular level is key to living a long health life. You can be thin and sick too. It’s not just people who are over weight that need or would benefit from a 10 day vacation from processed foods.


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Drew Davidsen

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