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The Magic is IN the Challenges

We are in the midst of the holiday season, and though we do our best to fill ourselves with “holiday cheer,” just because the calendar says it’s the holiday season, our challenges, complexities, and chaos don’t go on holiday. They still remain inside of us,...

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Grow a rich soul

Time to relax and take a deep breath. Time to acknowledge that not only your physical body need a rest , but your mind does. Are you familiar with a nonstop noise in your head or never ending thinking? I am sure you do. Now...

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Hidden Gifts

THERE ARE HIDDEN GIFTS WITHIN THE PAIN: Every single challenge in life happens so that we can experience a new level of love and understanding of the people in our lives and the world we live in. The moment we embrace the pain and see...

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The Universe is a Great Teacher

You will never be given a challenge or crisis that you can’t handle, though while in the midst of it, it can feel overwhelming and lead you to negative or depressing thoughts. During times like this, remember that our challenges always have a purpose. They...

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